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Easy Way Out

June 6, 2011
By kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
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I-i-i want to forget you,
so why-y-y is that so hard to,
i-i-i hope you remember me,
even though we're through,

HO-o-ow come you left in the first place,
You-u-u- said you love me,
But you lied to my face,
No-o-w theres not a trace,
of our love, of our love

Chorus- Now im left to, pick up the peices, of my broken heart, you just got to, leave and skip the hard part, and now im left, all alone, and you get new start, so tell me how thats not, taking the easy way out

So-o-o do you have the answers,
to the questions i've been asking,
O-o-o-h isn't it something,
that you have nothing,
but what did i expect,

Toda-a-ay you stopped by,
just ca-a-ame to get your thangs,
and sa-a-ay goodbye,
goodbye, goodbye,

Chorus- Now im thro-ugh, pining for yo-u, ooohh, i get a new start, you took the easy way out, and i get the hard part.

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