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~...i fly away...~

June 17, 2011
By KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
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I fly away

The sky fades away from my view
Figures turn to shadows
The horrid sound of my loved one
Weeping feels the room.

Everything is still
It’s hard to take in
It’s easy to let go.

I am not here in the bed you see me lying in
I am stuck in between
I am not seeing all that you see
I am passed all this
I see passed the physical
I see the spiritual

An other door’s about to close
Death awaits
At the other end of that window
Death awaits
In a white rob
And a loving face
Death awaits
The world stands still.

Everything is cold
Everything is warm
I can’t feel no fever
Everything is just right
Everything is silent
The world stands still

With a loving face
A gentle voice
He asks for my hand
Death awaits
Not to fare away
Death awaits
a few inches to close.

The cent of winter feels my lungs
Smells just like heaven
Its seems so near
I exhale for the last time
I have no fear

Gasps feel the room
The sobbing gets louder
The room is field with gloom
I’m lifted up, higher

He takes me away
Beyond the open sea
Beyond the closed doors
Death escorts me
Never to be seen

Under his winter scented wings
Beyond the world I see
Beyond the raging seas
Death escorts me

I fly away

And because of the sun
I fly away never to be seen
I fly away Never to be heard
I fly away Never to be missed
I fly away to be forgotten
As the sun set
As the sun rises
Centuries will go by
I fly away
Beyond the ever lasting
Into the winter scented world
I fly away


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