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Let Me Tell You About Art.

September 13, 2011
By BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
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Let me tell you about my pain and disguise as art
In possession of a rough childhood I am not
But I’ve been cut open, just nowhere my heart

Scars are the proof of what once caused me pain
Maybe the only thing that kept me from going insane
Is I knew exactly how to play this game

The outlet I had
When I got mad
Was ink that I left stained on this pad

And when I hit the various computer keys
It may sound like nothing to you but it’s symphony
To someone like me

So if you feel that no one can relate
It’s simply cause you over looked us filled with hate
From this unfortunate life threw which we skate

My problems are not physical in nature
But my psyche is my own worst hater
F*** it I’ll see ya all later

I no happiness can’t be bought
Feeling like I missed my shot

And I’ll take another
Half drunk left to wonder

What could have of
Would of
Should of

If I hadn’t been
So devoted to getting girls in bed

If I never got caught up in my own life
And wrote rhymes that people would actually like
But hell I thought my personal strife
Would put an end to this hype

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