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Smile, Someone Does Care

September 30, 2011
By Jailei88 PLATINUM, Van Buren, Arkansas
Jailei88 PLATINUM, Van Buren, Arkansas
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Ever wonder what its like
to feel loved
Ever wonder what its like
to feel above
the average
Its not fair
That no one seems to care
how you feel
but you still have to deal
with everything happening in life
and you have to deal with this difficult strife
Try to understand
if you take someone by the hand
and lead them on
and no its not wrong
Its okay to smile
Even if its only for a little while
lifes to short to be sad
So be glad
Youre alive
No dont dive
Under your shield
That you stand and wield
Put down the sword
You have my word
that everything will be okay
Its not the only thing I have to say
To you
I swear its true
Youre not alone
Even if youre full grown
Everyone needs someone to care
and share
The love

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