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November 16, 2011
By blue_ink GOLD, Downers Grove, Illinois
blue_ink GOLD, Downers Grove, Illinois
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This is how I live
White dipped in crimson,
Embracing the sin,
That I’ve known my whole life,
But only now realized what was wrong feels right.
Because that’s the way I choose
Confident, with nothing to lose
Unafraid to wear the noose that they’ll place around my neck
Oh, I’ll wave goodbye
And let the summer die,
Fall was always more of my type.

Well, that’s how I live
White dipped in crimson
Embracing the sins of my past
And I’ll never fast
I’ll enjoy every moment to the last
Breath that I will take
Cuz I’m not a fake
I’m a human being who’s made mistakes
But sometimes it’s alright to eat your cake.

Cuz that’s how I live,
White dipped in crimson,
Accepting the sin,
That sparks within,
Now I’m pure and good,
Don’t get me wrong,
I have few tints that I’ve acquired along
The road of life,
But I like the color,
Red compliments the white.
I believe its better
Because that’s how I live
White dipped in Crimson

The author's comments:
Life isn't black and white.

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