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May 29, 2012
By DreamWriteRepeat SILVER, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
DreamWriteRepeat SILVER, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
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I always kept my thoughts locked in my lips
Secrets, confessions, things I wished I’d said
You could x-ray them in my head
Sometimes I’d hope you would
So you could see why

We’d flirt with each other but I’d never kid
I’d smile when you’d whisper my name
My heart would drop when your hand did
Those moments I would never admit it
But I regret being so quiet

I’ve got a heart on the back of my hand
With your name written all over it
From the ink of a invisible pen
I’ll never be able to get over it

And you’ve got a girl whose mouth should be censored
And I’m the type of girl whose words you should remember
Oh boy, haven’t you heard of body language?
Oh boy, you deserve better than to settle for average

Because when we flirt I’d never kid
And you make me smile when you whisper my name
My heart would drop a million stories if your hand did
This moment, right now, I admit it
I’m no longer going to be quiet
Oh, why I should try to hid it?
Starting now, I refuse to be quiet

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