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I'm writing a message to me.

June 22, 2012
By nakoLa PLATINUM, Springhill, Florida
nakoLa PLATINUM, Springhill, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
It is not about waiting for the stom to pass.
Its about learning to dance in the rain.

I watch his back, ahead of me
Sun peeks through cause he’s leaving me
It’s not my fault!
Is it my fault?
how can that be
Am I not?!
Where I always wanted to be

They love to see
admire me
I am unique
but so far from happy

I have it all
a bed, a house, with eyes to see
The world as its welcoming me
Yet there’s a war in my head

there’s a graveyard in my heart

with all the secrets buried from the start

I never faced them
I know I’m scared
Of this right here
I’m writing a message to me

ahead of time
next to you
behind us all
stereotypes, society and all
that is left
seems to be me
or is it we
that I’m trying so hard to see

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