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Alternate Lyrics--Loki Rises

June 15, 2013
By Kinners GOLD, Haven City, California
Kinners GOLD, Haven City, California
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Now my time has come at last
My father’s fading light
Has closed his weary eyelids
Odin’s bidden us goodnight

And in my brother’s shadow I
Am no longer concealed
Thor is banished, at long last
My power is revealed

So why is it that now
When I have proven I am strong
When I am king, and finally
I feel that I belong

This cold and jaded feeling I
Can’t seem to leave behind
And though all wrongs are righted, shadows
Stalk my clouded mind

*Asgard Constringitur (Asgard is frozen)*

Am I so wrong to feel betrayed
By what Allfather did?
Or is it I can’t accept
That I am Laufey’s kid

Why shouldn’t I be angry?
Is it not within my right?
I’ll not be disregarded
Mine is not the lesser might

We’ve waited long enough now
For Odin to arise
Now the tyrant shall pay dearly
For feeding me his lies

For I shall be the ruler
For the remainder of time
As soon as I destroy my
Competition, Jotunheim

And say goodbye to this
The mighty Thor Odinson
Tomorrow dawns without him
A new age has begun!


The author's comments:
Another set of Alternate Lyrics, this time for the Ponyphonic song The Moon Rises. Check out the original song, it's so beautiful it gave me chills. <3

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