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When in Vegas (FR)

September 16, 2013
By rokkotothezee GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
rokkotothezee GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I don't want to make peace, not in the least, I'm here to increase the need for police, Rented my house out on a lease so I could go away and cause wrecks in the streets, so I went down to Vegas hooked up with h**kers and made bets, gambled away all of the money my account had left, it was no small amount, but here me out, I got it all back when I backtracked down to the racetrack, then robbed the place fast, Police came and I swang a blade at their lame a**, but they had guns and tazers and lazers and stuff, I got the heck away but I'll admit it was tough, Tougher than the Powerpuff Girls, have you had enough, girls? Have I offended you yet? Just wait read on my words beyond epithet, So I sped up along the highway, to drive away before the cops found me, and ground and pound me without a sound resounding, But I wasn't gonna let that happen, so let's recap and figure out what goes next, well I pulled over, found a h**ker and had s*x, My biceps and triceps seduced her for the night, and she let me leave without a fee, and I said 'aight! Not that I didn't see it coming, I could see it a mile off, Cause I seduce the hottest girls even when my style's off!

The author's comments:
The (FR) in the name means this is a freestyle rap.

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