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No More Tears

October 15, 2013
By VampiricAngel13 BRONZE, Randolph, Alabama
VampiricAngel13 BRONZE, Randolph, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
Courage is not the absence of fear.

Everyone knows that everyone dies
Life is all deceiving, mistrust, and lies
You go to bed angry one day
Then the next, you wish they could've stayed
That you hadn't said the things you said
Standing over someone you loved
Laying on their death bed
You remember them being there
Through everything you went, everywhere
Then you realize this is really the end
And the first of a thousand tears descend
A thousand tears
For every fear
All through the years
Till all beginnings end
Crying is not something you need to defend
The worst thing you can do is pretend
So cry a thousand tears
When you left, I contained my emotions
Wasn't really living life, just going through the notions
Even though it's cliché
Dark clouds covered my day
Couldn't get over you at all
Then months go by, then turn to years
I shake off the rust, oil my gears
Somehow I've remembered the good
Even though I never understood
Why they decided to steal you from me
I've decided to let what is be
So even though you've been gone for awhile
I'm healed enough now that thoughts of you make me smile
I'm proud of myself, I cried the thousandth tear for you
I hope from your new life I've made you proud
My day is a different kind of dark, a beautiful night shroud
These are my final words, I love you still
Always have, always will
From the first day you started to leave
All I had to do was be strong, and now in myself I believe
We'll meet again, of that I'm sure
My thousand tears cleansed me, again I am pure

The author's comments:
This song has been inspired by death and how it has made me feel. I hope everyone will understand and feel how I do when they read this and remember, not death, but living. Thank you.

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