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Ode to Joy, Ode to Bliss

May 31, 2014
By SerenityDemon GOLD, New York, New York
SerenityDemon GOLD, New York, New York
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Death before dishonor~ Someone Cool

whenever I see

a butterfly


I think of night

whenever I see a pretty leaf

floating over many seas

I think of wonderful lily babies

whenever I see


lurking , in circles

I know not to follow

whenever I hear


I think of him

the most mysterious melancholy disaster

oh, yes a plethora of joyful wrongs

Blissful ignorant tomfoolery

let's sing the chorus of a sarcastic song

aligned with a bittersweet melody

whenever I sing

I imagine raindrops

hitting the window pane

I'm suddenly less clinically insane

once again

kissed with a brass knuckled fist

life and love was conjured by the same illusionist.

The author's comments:
I sort of liked how the song Tiptoe Through the Tulips was happy had a creepy tone,so I wrote something happy in a sarcastic tone.

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