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I Itch, I Itch, I Itch

February 21, 2015
By RealRiter GOLD, Astoria, Oregon
RealRiter GOLD, Astoria, Oregon
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I itch with intruding pain
I itch with unimaginable fear
I itch `cause there`s a bug bite behind my ear
I itch; I`m not glad; I`m not happy
I itch so bad that I feel icy
I itch ‘cause I stepped into Poison Ivy
I itch intensely
I itch continually
I itch so bad that my vision seems blunted
I itch ‘cause the heat`s at 100
I feel like jumping off a bridge
I itch, I itch, I itch

The author's comments:

A fun loving poem. I hope you like it! Comments appriciated.

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