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Paper Heart

December 2, 2016
By N_Jobe BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
N_Jobe BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
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Our love,

like an open flame.

I watch as you play with your matches,

And it destroys;

you and I. 

Our love,

is like gasoline.

It burns and burns,

Until everything is gone.

Our love,

was beautiful.

then the smoke consumed you.

now I understand,


I can't cease your flame,


for I have a paper heart.

The author's comments:

I wrote this under the impression that love gets so easily overshadowed by ineffectual yet charismatic things of the world.  Smoking for one, doesn't just darken your lungs, it darkens your heart, and consumes, no, domesticates everything that actually matters.  Realize what is important before you burn your good life to ashes.  

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