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Not Enough

March 7, 2019
By TMal01 BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
TMal01 BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
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Sorry, am I not dark enough for you?
My hair not thick enough to pass the test?
My blue eyes too odd to go with all the rest?
And here I thought I had belonged here too 
What is it exactly I have to do?
What big thing I need to finish my quest?
For you to see, thought I look it, I’m no guest.
But by the looks of things you have no clue
Why is it to you I’m not white enough
Yet I’m not Latina enough either
If I don’t fit in either, then to where?
Seems like I need to call your huge a** bluff
When you said all acceptance with a slur
And this conflict is more than I can bare

The author's comments:

This piece started out as an assignment for class, and turned into a self reflection. 

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