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In Slumber, In Love

September 26, 2019
By torinae SILVER, Brasstown, North Carolina
torinae SILVER, Brasstown, North Carolina
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The lonesome hours occur when I'm awake,

I keep heavy and all I do is grieve,

For I'm without thou, and mine heart does break,

Yet when I sleep the pain finally leaves.


I fall into dreams of pure happiness,

I think about the times our love was true,

Pretending I still felt your soft caress,

In my dreams I forget I'm without you.


Now days, I prefer to stay in slumber, 

When I'm at rest, my heart still feels in love,

For moments I'm awake, it's all a blur,

My sorrows cry out like a mourning dove.


How do thou fall into eternal sleep?

I must find out so I forbear to weep.

The author's comments:

This piece is written about someone who has been heartbroken. Heartbreak can be a miserable pain, but when you sleep, you can find relief from the aching feeling inside. 

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