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Bearer of Bad News

April 8, 2021
By PrinceofPrinces GOLD, Johnston, Iowa
PrinceofPrinces GOLD, Johnston, Iowa
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Brown blotches of birch wood choked the ocean

I dithered to conceal my enhanced fears

I could not believe I was still alive

As skin turned blood into very painful tears

God's glorious grace touched my fingertips

I pondered over the impeccable feat

I applied this as a motivation 

In order to combat the scorching heat


The Atlantic's aggressive ambition 

Made me question why I should fight the sea

I decided to fight for the lifeboat

Catching the waves that stole my family

I knew that I couldn't do it alone

So, I prayed and resented the birch tree

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by the book "Life of Pi". 

"Life of Pi" is a book about an Indian boy who is lost at sea and is trying to survive on his own. I was inspired to write this poem because I can relate to some of the mental struggles that Pi went through during the journey.

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