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July 1, 2010
By Fisk14 PLATINUM, Carmel, Indiana
Fisk14 PLATINUM, Carmel, Indiana
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We pretend all the time
We pretend to be fine
But look closer at the cracks
For underneath there’s a sign

Our masks are well made
They’ve got quite a gleam
And oh how fearless we can be
When no one examines the seam

There’s a rhythm, a magnitude
Yes, a solemn and honest grace
To how we closely and perfectly
Keep under wraps our face

But behind these walls
There’s something much more
Something precious and hidden
Right down to the core

There’s a mystery and a depth
To every person you meet
Not some glowing perfection
Covered by a blank sheet

You don’t see it now
And I know you will ask
It’s easy to find, all you have to do
Is take off that well worn mask.

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