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A Barbie

June 19, 2011
By shayKittyFlcoka GOLD, Blockingham, Illinois
shayKittyFlcoka GOLD, Blockingham, Illinois
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I don't give my emtions to people who dont matter to me. you cant make me angry, happy, sad, or watever unless you count.

A Barbie is someone who is fake
some one who is real phony
-Some who can smile in your face
because misery can't be lonely
-They have on a painted smile
and a really purky attitude
-Someone who's cool one day
and on the next, turn their back on you
-Someone bigger talks for them
so you get no emtion
-You thought you had a good friend
but they change with the currents of the ocean
-A Barbie is made of plastic
and portrays a perfect person
-But a Barbie is not human
and perfection is apart of her diversion
-They might tell you life of a Barbie is good
and thet they get whatever they want
-But a Barbie is more like a snake
and that Barbie went out one a hunt

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