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Day's End

April 16, 2012
By ClarityRedemption BRONZE, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
ClarityRedemption BRONZE, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
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Looking through the window into the sky;
Pristine, plush, perfect clouds sit side-by-side.
Streaks, shades of blue fill the horizon wide;
Wondering: what else is there way up high?
Looking through the door I espy, gaze, sigh;
With hues that total a child’s crayon box, lies
Explosions, a beautiful sunset cried;
Forlorn for the day’s end, ponder: now why?

Standing overhead, watch and sense the end;
Wondering what is done, the final word.
Trying to finish the ultimate task;
Never quite able to close with the sun.
Words left unsaid, designed actions not done;
Attempts to accomplish, to patch, to mend.
The final hoot of the barn owl being heard,
Softly, the final breath was caught at last.

The author's comments:
It began as an in class English assignment, until I really began to feel for the poem and the words. Please enjoy and do not be afraid to write any words of advice. Criticism is very much welcomed! Thanks for reading!

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