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March 29, 2013
By freckledleopardxox BRONZE, Troy, New York
freckledleopardxox BRONZE, Troy, New York
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Shattered love and despair
Smoke captured my lungs and caught on fire
You stormed in like a hungry bear
Your glazed eyes made you a liar

When the moon shined, I wondered thou night
I worried when I smelled the acid beer
Thou tension creates such a fright
I never thought thee true love thy would fear

Lighting resembles my gasps of air which change into screams
Remembering the tastes of our wedding cake
Until the point the sun’s ray beams
I never thought forever would be a mistake

Laughter and roses take up the morning
The sunset’s colors aches thy body a warning

The author's comments:
This piece is about a wife who is emotionally and physically abused from her husband every night when he gets home after partying. I wrote it to show that any type of abuse is wrong. I am passionate about writing and I hope you all enjoy. Thank you.

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