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Dear Unborn

September 18, 2013
By shayKittyFlcoka GOLD, Blockingham, Illinois
shayKittyFlcoka GOLD, Blockingham, Illinois
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Dear Unborn,
It may seem silly to write you this letter because you only exist in my dreams
But there’s something I feel the need to share with you and I hope you understand what I mean
I know you don’t know who I am at all, but I know you oh so very well
Because every night when I’m asleep I rock you to bed when I wake up from hell
I sing you songs that I can’t hear the words to with melodies I never invented
I look deep into your eyes and tell you I love you, you seem so real even though I’m pretending
Dear Unborn,
I wish I could meet you I know the love you have for me is pure
I know my lonely days and lonely nights will bring me happiness one day when you are born
I will use my arms to protect you, my hands will be your escape
All the days it will be too cold to sleep on the floor my chest will be your pillow case
My words will be your light when darkness tries to surround you
My sweet songs will take you to paradise my tears will be to rejuvenate you
Dear Unborn,
Why do I wish you were in this world in which is filled with destruction
One day when God sends you here I will have to shield you from this corruption
At night I will sit up and watch, so that thieves will know not to enter
By day I will be your guide so that you can outwit your offenders
Your brown skin is so perfect to me there’s nothing you can do to conjure my hate
Only my love will heal you and chastised you and it will never show up too late
Dear unborn
I can’t wait to meet you

Love Mom

The author's comments:
tears flowing as I wrote this.

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