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Feedback on "My Friend Victoria"

December 9, 2009
By JenFish GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
JenFish GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Libby Shafer’s article, “My Friend Victoria” refreshes my memory. Even though my situation is different then hers, I can still relate. I work at a daycare after school and I often find that the kids “help me gain intercultural understanding and broadened my perspectives...” My boss recently accepted a new girl from the Middle East. She came to us not knowing any English at all. In fact the first word she has learned was “potty”. I interact with her everyday and see what it is like to be the odd one out. She has helped me see what I have considered a gift; for she has opened my eyes to see stuff differently than I have viewed them before. Thank you Libby for reminding me of how lucky I am to have an experience like yours.

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