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Tiny ball of light V.S Doesn't he own a shirt?

September 13, 2011
By ValRuns BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
ValRuns BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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There's been a bombarding amount of Twilight V.S Harry Potter debates going on in the fantasy world of our imaginations since the overwhelming coming out of the first Twilight movie. We all know that the Harry Potter books were simply nothing short of amazing, but admit it, twilight was your guilty pleasure. While Harry Potter is more realistic in the sense of friendships, hardships, and some valuable lessons, Twilight was there for soothing and actual escape of the human imagination. Sure Twilight is mostly about how Bella is miserable and dating a sparkly vampire while dealing with her best friend the "were-wolf" who's madly in love with her (until the last book). Who doesn't like a bit of fantasy? Yeah it overdoes on certain things, but all books do that. Getting on the topic of the movie versions we can all say that Harry Potter wins by a landslide. It's not that Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse was terrible, there was some minor things in there that could have been done better, but in terms of entertainment it's pretty rocking. The acting is good and the way they keep key to the book is decent. I personally enjoy the Quileute tribe in Twilight and the legend about the wolves and how it's portrayed in the movie (Leah, kicks serious butt don't you think so?). I'm a huge fan of HP but it's over, now it's time to try new things. If we don't like the change we can go huddle up with our HP books and movie, and a wand. I just wish people would stop debating over the simple issue. The only debates we should have Team Edward V.S Team Jacob, and Team Harry V.S Team Ron. Lets play nice children.

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