April 21, 2012
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Sterling Moore, defensive back for the New England Patriots made it to the Super Bowl that aired on February 6, 2012, but before Moore started playing football, he played another sport, baseball.
“I wanted to be a professional baseball player and football didn’t even enter my mind until my senior year at DV, and even then I didn’t think I would make it to the NFL,” said Moore.
Moore attended Deer Valley, and his favorite teacher was Amy Tillson.
“I attended 03-07. My favorite teacher was my freshman year PE teacher because she always let me out extra early for my baseball games.”
After high school Moore went to LMC for a semester, then Laney before he got his scholarship to Southern Methodist University.
Moore’s most embarrassing moment was being a rookie on the Raiders.
“When I was in camp with the Raiders and the veterans taped me to the goal post and poured water and Gatorade on me.”
Moore’s greatest fear is getting hurt while playing a game because of the rehabilitation you would have to go through to get back on the field and playing again.
Outside of football Moore likes to hang out with his family and friends.
Moore admires his grandparents the most and says why they are his inspiration.
“I admire my grandparents the most because of the hard work they had to put in to make it in this country coming from Mexico and raising 6 kids. Also because it shows that although the road isn’t always smooth if you are dedicated and work hard you can achieve anything.” said Moore

“I enjoy just hanging out with my friends and family because the season takes up so much of my time.”
“It was just a blessing to get that far in my rookie season. All the veterans tell you that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that it may never come again so make the most of it. When the game started it was just another football game, the media hypes it up to be more and in a sense it because it’s for the championship but it’s just another game.”
Before a game Moore gets an anxious feeling before stepping out on the field.

“For me it’s being anxious, I have spent the last 6 days preparing for these 3-4 hours and I’m tired of waiting. Let’s get the game started already.”
“No Regrets!!” “That’s something my mom texts me every Sunday before games, because at the end of the day I want to look back even upon my failures and say at least I tried.”

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