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Redwall book review

November 18, 2022
By Trinicat BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
Trinicat BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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“There in the open doorway of the great hall stood the warrior mouse,” Redwall is a fantasy book about a little mouse named Matthias who wants to become a hero and battle all kinds of animal foes day and in night.  This book was written by Brian Jacques and in this story Matthias makes friends with small and big animals and also makes enemies who try to bring him and Redwall down. 

             I think this is an amazing book, I love the plot line and it has awesome rising action! The animals in this book can speak and some animals can do magic, some are evil and some are good. This is one of my favorite books and love how detailed the fights are so you could play it like a movie in your head “Frogblood sparing forward, brandishing a spear. Before he could raise it, the ancient sword flashed in the warrior’s grip and hewed him lifeless to the ground.”  If you're into fantasy, talking animals,magic and action then I recommend this book for you.


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