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The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck MAG

August 22, 2009
By joanofarc15 SILVER, Forest Lake, Minnesota
joanofarc15 SILVER, Forest Lake, Minnesota
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Few books make a person cry. It takes a strong story, real characters, and an unimaginable tragedy. But those books where our tears splash onto the pages are the best reads. The Good Earth is the best of the best.

I first read this when my mom found it among her old books. I felt obligated to try it, but after three pages, the story sucked me in. It blew my mind that this classic reads like a New York Times bestseller.

The Good Earth tells the story of humble Chinese farmer, Wang Lung, during the early twentieth century, with his triumphs and tragedies, struggles and lusts. It depicts his life, marriage and children, the great famine that forces him south, and his rise from peasant to landlord. What ties the book together is his love of the land. To him, the earth is more important than anything else. It is a sacred, living, breathing entity. When he succumbs to lusts, the land heals him. Wang lives by the words of his father: Do not sell the land.

The ending haunted me for many days. Buck does the impossible, crafting a heartbreaking ending with no death, no injuries. This book, published in the 1930s, earned her the Nobel Prize, making her the first American woman to win it. This, and her other novels, originated from her life as a missionary in China.

Whatever genres you enjoy, you will love reading The Good Earth. It is a timeless tale of the struggles and victories of humanity. Everyone should read this literary masterpiece.

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jamers:p said...
on Nov. 7 2010 at 9:37 pm
I had to read this book as a class assignment and if i didnt have to read it i would had never read it. The book really didnt have much drama besides lotus and the lotus storm, the book is a drama and it has no true drama. The book was boring and i wanted to put it down after the first chapter.