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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   HighFidelity is a basic love story, but the author has made a ubiquitous theme uniqueby incorporating the protagonist's undying love of music.

Rob runs afailing London record shop, and his flat is filled with music (and almost nothingelse). He has just broken up with his girlfriend Laura, and finds himselfuncertain about his relationships, career and life. He examines his top five mostpainful breakups, and believes Laura isn't one of them - until he discovers heraffair with a neighbor.

Rob's life hasn't changed very much during his 36years, and neither has his emotional age or degree of stability. He doesn't knowmuch about himself - his motivation, vices, or the bases of his variousinsecurities. This book follows Rob as be begins to understand who heis.

High Fidelity wouldn't be as good if it outright analyzed or definedRob, but through the perceptive, wry and often judgmental narration, we discoverthe character ourselves. The humor is subtle and charming, and makes it fullypossible to get inside Rob's head.

The side characters are fairly welldeveloped, but if we understood their entire personality it would diminish oursense of seeing through Rob, because he certainly does not know or comprehendeverything about them.

Laura is considerably more mature than Rob, andthrough her we have a better idea of how Rob appears to others. Laura is one ofthe less eccentric personalities, and gives the story a touch of reality.

What I like most about High Fidelity is that despite Rob's immaturity andflaws, Hornby creates a character you cannot help but like. This story is notperfect, but it is good.

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