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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   Out of the green deep South plantations of Baton Rouge, Louisiana comes a story thatis anything but lazy.

Lois Duncan's Locked in Time at first gives thereader the impression it is a predictable story about one girl's struggle toaccept her mother's death and father's remarriage, but don't be fooled. This bookhas much more to it! Locked in Time is a refreshing change. It combines thetrials and tribulations of everyday life with voodoo magic, characters and eventsthat could only exist in our imaginations.

Nore, the heroine, isapprehensive about meeting her new stepfamily as she struggles to come to gripswith the grief over her mother's death that has been revived by her father'sremarriage. But when she arrives at Shadow Grove, these feelings vanish. Herfather's new wife, Lisette Berg, and her two children, Josie and Gabe, are,although quirky, extremely friendly.

Then, in a dream, Nore's mothercomes to her and tells her to leave the house immediately. She ignores her dream,but after a while begins to think there is something abnormal about this family.Why is Lisette's beauty so flawless without a single line or blemish? And why isshe so brusque with a woman at the grocery store who mistakes her for someoneelse? Why does Lisette's daughter, Josie, seem so hopeless about life when she isonly 13 years old? Why is her brother always so restless?

When Nore findssome strange records, an unbelievable but clear reason why they all act sostrangely begins to form. Nore finally listens to her dream and leaves ShadowGrove, but will Lisette (who has years of experience getting her way) allow herto escape?

I admire Locked in Time because it blends so many genres.Mystery, fable and science fiction are all woven into a story that is complex,yet uses language that is easy-to-read and understand, and almost anyone canenjoy.

Locked In Time captures the essence of the hopelessness of beingtrapped in a life you do not want, and the emptiness that beauty brings. It leadsthe reader on a surprising, magical and mysterious journey through hundreds ofyears, and introduces unforgettable characters, places and events.

Justwhen the surprises seem done, the ending offers another startling twist. Anyonelooking for a book with a unique setting and well-developed characters won't beable to put this one down!

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i love this !

simplysyco said...
on Mar. 31 2011 at 7:27 pm
it was a good book but the ending sucked