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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   I couldn't stop reading this book! I feel this way for four reasons: 1) the book istrue; 2) I heard on the radio that if you want to know more about what ishappening now in Afghanistan, reading this book explains a lot about the U.S.Special Ranger force; 3) it has lots of good action; and 4) Mark Bowden's writingis very de-scriptive and clear.

Here is an example of some simple, yetgripping writing:

Othic was struggling in the confined space to apply apressure dressing to the driver's bleeding shoulder when the RPG hit him. Itrocketed in from the left, severing Kowalewski's left arm and entering his chest.There was an explosion but the head of the two-foot long missile embedded itselfin Kowalewski, the fins sticking out his left side under his missing arm, thepoint sticking out the right side. He was unconscious, but still alive.

This book has shown me that you don't need fancy words to create greatwriting, and that war is horrible and ugly.

Black Hawk Down does not gettoo involved in politics, which makes for an easier read. It does explain ingreat detail about a war that is almost unknown to kids my age. This book is atop-notch thriller and a must-read!

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i love this !