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By Anonymous

   Reading is not one of my hobbies,but Alas, Babylon changed my outlook on books dramatically. It's thestory of people put to the test of survival during nuclear warfare. Theauthor, Pat Frank, wants readers to focus on the characters' strength:they go through the worst disaster that has ever struck the UnitedStates, but they survive. Frank tries to be very detailed about thenuclear strike and make the people in the story real, so the readersvisualize the crisis.

Each of Alas, Babylon's 13 chapters ispacked with the thoughts and emotions of the struggling survivors. Asyou read, you will see how people's characters can change.

Idon't recommend this book if you like short stories or are under the ageof 14 unless you have an interest in nuclear warfare and sciencefiction.

It is fascinating to discover the author's thoughts onhow people would react to such a tragedy. If you are looking foradventure or just want something different, Alas, Babylon is a story ofa lifetime.

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