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The Chocolate War

September 21, 2007
By Anonymous

The Chocolate War

Random House Inc., 1974,253 pp., $8.95
Robert Cormier

ISBN 0-394-82805-4

“Do I dare disturb the universe?” When Jerry Renault, a high school freshman, refuses to sell chocolates at his schools annual-fundraiser his life turns into chaos.
Selling Chocolates may not seem like a universe-changing thing to do but it can create an all-out war. Before Jerry knows it, it's the second trimester of school, chocolate selling time….

Each kid at Trinity High is assigned to sell fifty boxes of chocolate, two dollars a box. Jerry's lack of cooperation of selling chocolates leads to rivalry with a secret school society called the Vigils.
Jerry a stubborn, smart, kid who likes change, is standing up to the leader of the Vigils, Archie. Archie is a tricky, stay cool kind of guy who likes other people to do his dirty work. With Archie's right hand man, Obie on his side the pair is almost unbeatable. “Now the only question is: Who will survive?”

The Chocolate War is a spectacular fiction novel about how hard it is to break tradition and being the only one to take a stance for what you believe in. This is definitely a hard-to-put-down book with cliffhangers around every corner. Robert Cormier does a smashing job of animating the characters and scenes by using realistic dialog. The dialogs excitement makes the book come to life. Since the book was so realistic I felt sorry for the characters when they were in trouble and excited when they plotted revenge. Reading this book make me want more of Robert Cormier!
I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense, adventure and thinking out of the box. I especially recommend this book to readers who want to feel as if they are in the character's shoes. This classic book is like no book I've ever read before.

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