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   Harmful Intent

by Robin Cook

Robin Cook continues his series of medical thrillers with one of his latest books Harmful Intent. The plot of this novel centers around Dr. Jeffrey Rhodes, an anesthesiologist at Boston Memorial Hospital. During a seemingly normal operation, unexpected complications develop, and the patient dies. The doctor is shocked, because he is unable to explain just what occurred that day. Several weeks after the operating room mishap, Rhodes loses a malpractice suit for $11 million, and just days afterward, he is convicted of first degree murder.

However, convinced that he has done nothing wrong, Rhodes jumps bail, and becomes a fugitive as he searches for the real "anesthesia killer." While attempting to clear his name, he has to avoid Devlin O'Shea, a bounty hunter following him. O'Shea's actions are unpredictable, and Rhodes must constantly contend with this evil and ruthless man. In addition to being chased, Rhodes is faced with many dilemmas in which he must make numerous life or death decisions.

In Harmful Intent, the author creates a suspenseful thriller through the use of different narrators. He is able to keep the reader off balance, unsure of what might happen next. The author also employs his medical knowledge throughout the story to create the character Dr. Rhodes, a realistic and modern doctor. Another element which adds to the realism of the story is the setting. The story takes place in several different Boston-area hospitals, and many events occur at or near "real-life" Boston landmarks.

I suggest that anyone who enjoys reading suspense buy this novel. This book will prove to be especially interesting to anyone who has any interest in medicine because the doctor's thoughts and actions are medically and technologically realistic. Through the use of different narrators, and unpredictable characters, Cook creates a suspenseful novel which is often difficult to put down. n

Review by T. K., Terryville, CT

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