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The Master Of Horror MAG

By Anonymous

   He brings you into his dark, morbid world. He grabs hold of you with his powerful words and his grip never loosens. He writes as if he is possessed. Who is this? What is he? I answer: Stephen King, the master of horror.

Over the years, King has published countless stories that have been made into movies. Mr. King is definitely the greatest writer of our time. We are brought into his dark, sinister mind. While there, he hypnotizes us and puts us in a mind-boggling trance. His creepy stories and creatures seem so real. It feels as if they may jump off the pages and come after you.

Bestsellers like It, The Dark Half, Needful Things grace the bookshelves of millions of his fans. To us, he is immortal. Avid readers, like me, worship his great works. In the text of his novels, he shows us places that we only see in our worst nightmares. It is an unknown place in which all of the make-believe, horror, and, of course, magic, shines through.

Stephen King is definitely the greatest writer known to man. His words leave you in a state of shock. He is, without a doubt, the master of horror. n

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