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Plan B

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Plan B- Jenny O'Connell

The whole entire book was great. I think that how Jenny O'Connell writes is amazing! I don't think that there was one time in the book where I thought it was boring. There was always new information or something going on in this girl's life.

In this book, the main character is Vanessa. She's an only child who has big plans for her future. All of this until one day she finds out a huge secret. Vanessa's friend Taylor, loves the new situation that Vanessa is currently dealing with pretty much the whole entire book. Vanessa has a hard time dealing with all this but eventually does figure it out.

This book was very entertaining. I never felt like I should set the book down and stop reading. All the problems that occurred in this novel all seemed to have happened at the right time. Just when the book might have been loosing your interest, a new, more challenging problem came along.

I believe that this book was intended for teenage girls. There was a lot of drama that took place between girls and within the family. The drama is considered “girl” drama because it was fighting over something stupid that really didn't matter.

This book is for anybody who likes real-life drama. It covers many areas of the teenage life from boys, to school, to family. Because all the characters in Plan B it is a book that you can learn from. You might even be able to gain knowledge of how to act during certain problems. Plan B is a great book.

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