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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

By: Louis Saachar

Holes the book, was a great book. The book makes a great point. It's a good children's book for the kids that are in like, middle school to about freshman in high school.

My friends have read the book and they think that it's awesome. Holes is right around our curriculum, as for reading goes. I think that its funny how they think that Stanley stole the shoes. It wasn't Stanley, but he gets in trouble for it.

Stanley gets sent to a placement center. He has to dig holes and while he is there Stanley meets after all the drama and all this and the goes on. I also think that the book is pretty awesome because in the middle of digging holes Zero hits someone in the head with a shovel. There is just tons of excitement in the book and there is also a really awesome movie out about the book. In the movie there are a couple of things that make the book kind of confusing but things in the movie make the book more understanding.

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