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East by Edith Pattou

January 5, 2008
By Anonymous


A colossal polar bear. A mystical castle in a magical land of ice. A young girl with a predestined fate. All of these factors combine to create the enchanting fantasy novel, East, by Edith Pattou.

The story is told from multiple and diverse viewpoints: The fiesty main character Rose, her protective brother Neddy, their Father, who harbors a monumental secret, the wicked Troll Queen and the eloquent yet deprived White Bear. Taking place in the Norway of long-ago folk tales, "East" brings the reader an interesting culture and traditions. One of these traditions is birth-direction. East, West, South or North...all of these directions cause a child to have certain personality traits and characteristics based on which direction they face when born. Rose's mother, fearing a fate prophesied by a fortune teller, is determined not to have a North born child.

Rose, believing herself an East born, is even shocked herself at her adventurous nature. Soon she is captivated by the sighting of a mystical white bear. When the bear comes to take her on his voyage to the icy north, Rose finally realizes her destiny.

Filled with excitement, wonder, emotion and thrill, East is a novel that unexpectedly took me on a whirlwind ride. The characters are remarkably easy to connect with, and their ups and downs quickly pull at your heart-strings. Weaving Norse legend and compelling predicaments, Edith Pattou has penned a novel sure to keep it's place on my bookshelf.

Brooke L.
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