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The Animal Farm by George Orwell

March 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Are we going to listen to our master? Hello I know you here me Comrades. We have to take action now, or else it will be too late for any one to make a move. So are we going to listen to our master? “The life of an animal is misery and slavery: this is the plain truth.”

The Animal Farm is about these talking animals and the “Man”. The animals are planning to turn on their master because they feel in some way that their master is being unfair. “Because nearly the whole of the produce of our labour is stolen from us by human beings.” Page 28 L. 30-31. They are convinced that “Man is the only real enemy they have.” Page 29 L. 1. The animals soon rallied up and had a meeting “Rebellion” Comrades came up with. Once this is agreed no Comrade should do any thing Man did. No animal “Comrade” should sleep in a bed, eat after a human, nor sleep in a home.

These quotes I've chosen are important because the animals showed how they were treated wrong and how they were getting tired of being mistreated or sold for a product. Animals showed how they have feelings too. Being that these animals in The Animal Farm are talking animals, why should people read the book? They should read it to get an understanding of how animals feel.

The main character Snowball who was known for being the best writer was in charge of helping out, while the pigs where learning to read. Therefore, with the help from Snowball he told them, what the plans were and what the Master was doing to hurt them. They came up with seven commands: those commands where involved with not doing anything humans did, not excepting anything from them. All animals are equal.

I would recommend this book because animals express their feelings and the rights they have, although animals cannot really talk, they show away people should appreciate them. The Animal Farm has an impact on some people lives about how to treat animals. I hate to see animals being hurt and mistreated.

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