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The Babysitter by R.L. Stine

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever babysat and the kids are asleep and their parents aren't home yet? Maybe you start to hear noises. Maybe there's some one outside, lurking around. Who is outside? What are those noises?

Jenny needs some money and happens to find a family who needs a babysitter. So she decides to take the job. The first couple nights are fine and everything goes ok. Then she starts getting phone calls that say weird things like, “Hi, babes. All alone in that big old house? Don't worry. Company's coming.” Jenny starts freaking out because a couple babysitters in the neighbor hood have got killed. Then she starts thinking it's Chuck. Chuck is the class clone and is always cracking jokes. Jenny doesn't know who it is or what they want.

The genre of this book is mystery. It keeps you on your toes and always guessing what's happening or about to happen. I recommend this book if you like fast past books that keeps you on the edge of your set. If you have seen the movie when a "When a Stranger Calls",you would like this book because in the movie a girl is babysitting and some one is prank calling her and she starts getting scared. The author, Stine, really keeps you guessing, for example you might think some one is going through the house, then you find out it's just a cat.

I've babysat before and your imagination just goes wild. You think you hear noises but then you check and they're nothing there. I would for surely give this book 10 out of 10.

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esteban said...
on Nov. 12 2008 at 2:08 pm
it really is a good review up untiol the paragraph before the last wehen it gives away something that sounds like iyt wuil keep you on the end of your seet... butnoooooooooooooo now its all ruiened