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The Field Guide by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

"And then suddenly, Jared understood what she was saying. If you looked at it that way, it was a big book, an absolutely huge book, too large to even comprehend. And worst of all, they were only at the beginning."

This story is about three kids named Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace. They go to live in their Aunts house because their mom doesn't really have much money. Their aunt went 'crazy' so doctors made her stay at a hospital and their aunt said that they could live at her house until she gets released from the hospital but doctors say their aunt is going to die because she doesn't eat. So they moved into her house, which was big, but it was dirty, creepy, dark, and old. They ended up staying in the house and they explore it after they move in and get settled. One day Jared, Simon, and Mallory were going to the kitchen and they heard a noise in the wall. The children thought it might be mice so they broke a hole in the wall. In the wall was like a little house. The kids end up thinking it was a rat or something so they don't think anything about it. The children then find a dump waiter in the kitchen and they put the smallest kid, Simon in the dump waiter. When he goes up there we finds a poem. Weird things start happening like Mallory's hair get tide to her bed. Simon has to figure out what the poem says because he thinks it means something? This book is now in theatres, but it isn't just this book in this movie it is all the five books combined and a few new things were added. If you go to see the movie you should read all the books first so you know the real story before they changed it and made it into a movie so you can imagine your own ideas.

I would give The Field Guide five stars because it is a great book that is going to keep you wondering and is always fun to sit down and read. Anyone who likes short stories books that you would sit down in read all at one sitting. These books are kind of like Harry Potter books and thrillers, so I think you would like this book. I thought The Field Guide was super terrific. I love all of the ideas that come from this book. I love the way the author writes this book and the way you can't keep your nose out of the book and your hands from flipping the pages. The kids Jared, Simon, and Mallory find themselves in a lot of adventures, trouble, and secrets. I think that anyone who likes fantasy or even a little bit of mystery would like this book.

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