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The Pretty Committee by Lisi Harrison

February 25, 2008
By Anonymous

This is the story of a group of middle school girls named Massie, Dylan, Kristen, Alicia, and Claire…The Pretty Committee. Beautiful, rich and fabulous, these girls can conquer the world—or at least their middle school.

Being at the tippy top of O.C.D (their upper class middle school Octivian Country Day)'s social order takes work, but these girls are up to the task. In the first book, The Clique, Claire (a previous LBR [Loser Beyond Repair, in Massie Speak]) joins TPC. Massie Block, the leader of the group adopts her in when Claire and her family are forced to move in with the Block's to their mansion. The five girls are inseparable and together form The Pretty Committee, the most popular group of girls at school.

This exciting book is very well written, and the unexpected twists and turns in the lives of the girls make for a series of books you'll never want to put down. The Clique series is perfect for teens and young adults. Most middle school girls will be able to relate to the drama of school, boys and friendships...and of course, shopping. If you enjoy books about the lives of teen girls and their troubles, be sure to check out The Clique series.

This group of rich, popular girls and the people the meet during their crazy time in middle school will have you eating up these books as fast as you can…you'll never ever want to put them down. How can you with new drama, gossip and disasters that fill every page?! Friendships and first boyfriends, designer brands and fake smiles, these books follow the “Pretty Committee” through their chaotic and upscale lives.

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