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The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

January 18, 2012
By Aurelie SILVER, Bellevue, Washington
Aurelie SILVER, Bellevue, Washington
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"I'm dying of boredom. Or maybe just dying" -Megan Whalen Turner

He can steal anything. Even with one hand. Eugenides, alias Gen, the infamous Queen’s Thief is feared and hated by the rulers of Eddis’s bordering countries Sounis and Attolia. Fearing nothing, quick-witted Gen is never at a loss for words- or strategies to win Eddis’s war. Even with one hand, he can do anything.

With its breath-taking beginning, a climax in its own right, the reader is sucked into political intrigues, military strategies and love with soft chuckles and gasps of shock on the side. It’s a book whose layers have layers. Nothing can be taken for granted. Many of these layers are easily overlooked, that is, until the inevitable twist brings it all into light, leaving the reader frantically flipping through the book for that one crucial detail passed over in its seeming insignificance.

It can get frustrating and therefore not recommended to those without the temperament or the intellectual capacity, but it’s a great book, hard to put down and even harder to let go of. With every reread, too, there is a surprise, myriad previously overlooked details that change the reader’s concept of the story every time.

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