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When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle

January 19, 2013
By SarahWerner SILVER, Bedford, New York
SarahWerner SILVER, Bedford, New York
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When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle is a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet but it's not narrated by Romeo or Juliet. It's narrated by Rosaline, the girl Romeo was hopelessly in love with before that fateful night. Rosaline Capelet is best friend and next door neighbor of Rob Monteg. They begin to fall in love at the beginning of senior year. Then, Rosaline's estranged cousin Juliet moves to town and seduces Rob. Rosaline's best friends Charlie and Olive support her in her loss. Rosaline slowly falls in love with the school slacker Len Stephens. One fateful day, Rob comes over and tries to get Rosaline to forgive him. That night both Rob and Juliet die in a car crash.

This book was amazing. I have always hated Romeo and Juliet because Romeo was so in love with Rosaline until he merely saw Juliet. This book answers the question of what happened to Rosaline. Did she feel that Romeo betrayed her by falling in love with Juliet? I love the bittersweet ending. She ends up with Len, the sweet musical slacker but her best friend and cousin both died. I want more novels from this author, Rebecca Serle.

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