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The Devouring by simon holt

June 25, 2013
By literaryprophets GOLD, Browntown, Wisconsin
literaryprophets GOLD, Browntown, Wisconsin
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" You said you weren't going to get scared."

The lump beside her shuddered.

"Did the Vours really get Jeremiah?" it whimpered

"of course not. It's just a story, Henry"

Being a teen girl and going threw high school is hard enough. Going from big sister to the mother of the house wasn't the way Reggie wanted to spend her teenage years. With school, work and her little brother, Henry, Reggie wasn't very happy with the way things were going. Till her brother began to change after a ritual she and her best friend, Aaron, and she preformed on sorry night. He wasn't the brother she loved, he was a dark creature that fad on fear. She couldn't let that thing live in Henry forever, she had to get it out, even if it killed him.

This book was amazing. I couldn't put it down. With a rough family life and not fitting in any teen girl can relate. Packed with frightening black smoke keeps you wanting more. You have to know will she save him! Highly recommended to everyone who loves fantasy horror.

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