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“A Corner of the Universe”

October 4, 2008
By ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
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“A corner of the Universe” (CU) was a touching story about judgment and how it affects people. The story begins with a 12 year old girl named Hattie Owen. Hattie grew up in a boarding house her parents had opened. She has grown to love the boarders whether it is Mr. Penny and his cuckoo clocks, Mrs. Hagerty and her knitting, or even the newest boarder Angel Valentine. Hattie doesn’t have many friends her own age, so she likes to spend time with Cookie the chef of the boarding house. Everything seems normal or as normal as she’s ever experienced, until one day her mother and father tell her something that will change her life forever. She has an Uncle, Uncle Adam. She soon learned that Adam is no ordinary man, but had lived in a mental health school since he was twelve. The school he had gone to was closing down and he was coming to live with Nana and Papa until they could find another school for him. When Hattie met Adam, she did find him a little strange, but she found she was warming up to him fast. Everyone thought that he was a big freak and weren’t afraid to say it to his face, he got his feelings hurt often because of it. Soon after meeting her, Adam fell in love with Angel Valentine, but she in turn had no feelings for him. One day Hattie got a flyer for Fred Caramels circus and was filled with excitement. After going there various times she had made friends with Laila, the owner’s daughter. She knew Nana and Papa wouldn’t let Adam go to the circus at night, so she decided to sneak him out. Adam loved it but got too excited and then scared which resulted in Adam screaming and flailing at the top of a Ferris wheel and being taken away in a strait jacket. After being calmed down and resting for a few days Adam went back to his semi-normal self. Still faithfully in love with Angel Valentine he decides to bring her flowers, but when he and Hattie go to see if she’s at home, they find her with another man. Right then and there Adam’s heart is broken and he runs away. After hours of searching they find that Adam had hung himself behind Nana and Papa’s shed. He was tired of always doing the wrong thing and being called a freak, so he did what he thought was best. Hattie and her family were devastated, they mourned and cried. After all the crying, Hattie realized that Adam may have left, but her memories will always be with her. ………Standing by his grave she says “I’m not made at you, you know…..I don’t like what you did, but I think I know why you did it”…………

The author's comments:
This book was really good and very touching. If only for a moment it helps you put what's important in perspective.

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