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the land of nod The Artifact by Gary Hoover

September 24, 2013
By literaryprophets GOLD, Browntown, Wisconsin
literaryprophets GOLD, Browntown, Wisconsin
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With his father no longer with him Jeff was having a very hard time trying to get on with his normal life. No one knew what had happened to his father. Until Jeff started to snoop around in his fathers office. He never thought his father would of figured out how to make a simulation that looked this real,unless it wasn't a simulation, it was a portal.

After falling from the sky into the world the portal lead to Jeff seen very different things then he normally wouldn't of ever dreamed of. Though he had dreamed of this world before a lot actually. What was going on here?

After being told he was the one to help this world for the brink of war and saving many people Jeff thought these people were crazy. Till they showed him a picture of his father and the matching lockets they had. Where is his father? Did he teach them what they knew? Was Jeff the one to save the people of this world? Read and find out!!

I won this book from goodreads! I did really enjoy this book it has a lot of action and a great story behind it. With the lose of his father you are constantly wondering and it makes you want more. Can't wait to read the second one!! :) great job Gary keep up the great work


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