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Guitar Notes by Mary Amato

December 22, 2013
By author_musical PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
author_musical PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
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The book Guitar Notes by Mary Amato is a truly magical book for anyone who loves music. Lyla is the perfect girl, straight A student, who plays the cello and will get into the music school of her dreams and she will be happy. Tripp is a boy who can’t survive without his guitar, which has been taken away by his mother. He isn’t perfect, and doesn’t really have a plan whatsoever.

Tripp and Lyla sign up for practice rooms in their classes, and are assigned to the same room, Lyla on Even days and Tripp on Odd days. What starts as a snippy note exchange over trash left in the room quickly becomes a friendship. They write songs together and learn each other’s secrets and dreams.

When circumstances threaten to tear them apart, Tripp and Lyla must find a way to stay together, no matter what the cost. The songs are truly amazing, and you can listen to them at They find out the power of notes and music, and become better people through each other. Ms. Even and Mr. Odd are truly perfect matches, and don’t need anyone else.

The story follows both students as challenges involving parents, guilt, friends, and loss intertwines with music and parallel lives. They’re truly amazing and it’s a wonderful book.

The author's comments:
I love this book and the songs are truly amazing.

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