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Letting Ana Go by Anonymous

February 21, 2014
By Run2Liv3 PLATINUM, Bedford, New York
Run2Liv3 PLATINUM, Bedford, New York
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Ana had no intention of becoming anorexic. She knew the dangers and recognized the signs in many of her friends, but she was always careful. Until now. What was supposed to be a one-week diet in support of her friend Jill soon turned into a whole year of dieting, which Ana knew could prove to be dangerous to her body and health. Soon Ana finds herself getting to know the inside walls of nearby hospitals all too well as her body slowly begins to destroy itself. But she can’t stop. Walking by a mirror and only seeing a fat girl that no one could ever love, Ana works excessively in an effort to fix the unbroken. Not caring who she hurts, be it family or friends, Ana pushes her body to its limits and beyond until there is nothing left to push. Read this personal journal found and edited by Dr. Beatrice Sparks of a young girl who pushed her body until breaking point and discover the aftermath of her struggles.

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