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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

February 21, 2016
By WeirdosUnite GOLD, Prairie Farm, Wisconsin
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 Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment is the first book in the nine-book series Maximum Ride. I

t has strong female characters, awesome fight scenes, and some sci-fi elemants, as well as genetic engineering, and other awesome stuff like that. It is, however, in the YA section for a reason:

The Angel Expariment is about Fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride and her "Flock", Fourteen-year-olds Fang and Iggy, Eleven-year-old Nudge, Eight-year-old The Gasman (Gazzy), and five-year-old Angel.

The Flock are geneticly-engeneered kids who had bird DNA put into their genes before they were born.

They have wings, raptor vision, and other bird-like qaulities, but they look like kids (exept for the wings).

They also have powers that are very odd, as well as cool.

They were raised at a lab in California called "The School", where scientists did horrible expariments on them and kept them in dog crates.

As a result of one expariment, Iggy was blinded.

When they were little kids one of the scientists, Jeb Batchelder, helped them escape and took them to a houser where they could have sort of normal lives.

But then Jeb dissipered, and the kids were on their own.

Max acted as sort of a mother to Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. That is the backstory.

This is where the book starts: Max and her Flock are living in their house, and they are as happy as they are ever going too be. 

But then one day the School's gaurds, human-wolf hybrids, called Erasers, attacked the kids and kiddnapped Angel.

Max and the Flock battled the Erasers, but they got Angel anyway and took her back to the School.

Max, Nudge, and Fang embark on a rescue mission, leaving Gazzy and Iggy behind to gaurd the house.

While the others are gone, Iggy and Gazzy cause a School car too crash, and the Erasers find them and attack the cabin where Gazzy and Iggy are hiding in.

They boys go back to the house, but it's surrounded. They go and follow Max on her rescue mission.

Eventually they find Angel and rescue her, but their troubles aren't over yet. They are still on the run.

This book has lots of plot twists, edge-of-your-seat action, and new characters throughout the book, as well as lots of surprises: Like Ari, Jeb's son. He's been turned into an Eraser!

Or the kind Ella and Valincia Martinez that Max meets when she gets seperated from the Flock. I'd reccomend this book to anyone if you are looking for a good book to read!

The author's comments:

Um, I love books and I want every teen to know about this one.

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