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The Great Wide Sea by M.H.Herlong

July 29, 2017
By Iklil BRONZE, Alanya, Other
Iklil BRONZE, Alanya, Other
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The Great Wide Sea is a book written by M. H. Herlong. And the book is as wild as its cover. The story just swallowed me up. I felt like I was there with the three brothers Ben, Dylan and Gerry. Living all the adventures with them, suffering with them, laughing with them... I shared their sorrow when they lost their mom in an accident that really changed their lives. I shared their astonishment when their dad decides to sell their house and their little sail boat at the lake to buy a bigger boat to travel around the Bahamas. Also, I shared their feelings of tiredness, boredom and misery while living day and night without seeing land much and doing the same thing over and over again. And I felt angry at their father for making such a reckless decision as to fall off at the night into the sea with EPIRB the most important thing for the safety of a boat. And their father of course did not do it totally on purpose but still he should have thought when doing a night check without harnessing the safety rope and in the middle of the night with big waves!

Their father’s silly action lead to a lot of distress and worriedness among the brothers, then a treacherous storm which they hardly survived and later living alone on a deserted island with a lack of food. There also happened something that made tears come to my eyes: Dylan fell off a cliff luckily not dying but injuring himself horribly. After this Ben as the eldest had to decide either to wait for help which might not come at all or to take their boat and search for help himself leaving his little brother Gerry with the helpless injured Dylan...

This story just was amazing and not only that but it was heart melting story that even made me cry in the end. I hope you will read this book and live all the adventures I lived with Ben, Dylan and little Gerry. I am sure that this tale of survival would win your heart and this feeling would linger for days.

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Iklil BRONZE said...
on Aug. 7 2017 at 3:40 pm
Iklil BRONZE, Alanya, Other
4 articles 1 photo 16 comments
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