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Vortex by Julie Cross

January 28, 2013
By literaryprophets GOLD, Browntown, Wisconsin
literaryprophets GOLD, Browntown, Wisconsin
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love is love no matter the gender

"She already did remember seeing tow of herself. . . She was there."

How would the world be if people could time travel? If we had special agents to handle ETOs( enemies of time). If you could just to an alternate universe?

Vortex bring the word time travel to a new meaning with Jackson, aka agent Meyer, a teenager that can travel threw time. Trying to save the world and a girl he loves proves to be a little more then any teenage guy could handle.

Does Jackson even know who he can and can not trust? His father? His leader? His crew members? He has a lot to learn about all of them before he is able to decide who is in it to help him save, or destroy the future.

Great book, wish I would of read the first of the Tempest series but this book was still a great read and able to understand without being to lost. Causes excitement, fear, and other strong emotions for the main character and his journey.

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